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How to find the Right eBay Product Type.
11-07-2013, 11:13 PM
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Big Grin How to find the Right eBay Product Type.
Many people think it is easy-to choose the best eBay group, and frequently it's. Sometimes, though, it could not be quite clear just what to select.

Exactly why is it Even Important?

Plenty of people make use of the type system to find things, once they aren't searching for some thing specific. If your product is listed in the incorrect type - or you have just quit and listed it in 'The Rest' - then these people are perhaps not going to find your auction. My aunt discovered by searching books in the library.

Also, list items in the wrong types is against eBay's principles, and e-bay say they will remove any auctions which can be incorrectly categorised. They don't often do this, but it's not worth the danger - specially since breaking any rules may cause them to penalise your bill, including dropping PowerSeller position if you have it.

So Exactly What Do You Do?

E-bay will suggest groups for you when you sell your item, if you key in a few words to describe the item on the category selection page and click 'search.' You can make the best of the feature by writing in precisely what your item is, with brand name and model number (if any), to ensure that eBay can find the best type for you.

If that will not perform for you, then search yourself for items like yours, and look closely at which category a lot of them appear to be in (you can easily see this near the top-of each item's information page). Take to different terms and see those come back with the most benefits. You may also browse through all the available classes from eBay's front page.

Remember that the more specific the type is, the greater - use as many sub-categories as work. Don't just list your HP laptop within the 'Computers' group, like - list it in 'Computers > Laptops > HP.' Don't worry: your piece will still look in the 'Computers' category, together with 'Computers > Laptops', because items listed in subcategories are always listed in every category above.

Take a moment to look over each of the categories and get familiar with the way in which eBay in general is laid-out. After all, that's a lot better than obtaining a few months down the line and discovering that you still think of eBay's category system want it is some sort of scary jungle.

What-if More Than One Group Meets?

Don't fear, eBay have you ever covered. For a small extra cost, you are able to list your item in a extra class, to boost the number of potential buyers who will view it. This is not always worth it, though - some products only really fit properly in one category, and listing them in categories is a waste.

Once you know where to list your item, the next phase will be to create your auction's title. The title is the most important thing about your auction - the difference between a negative title and a good title can be the difference between $100 and $10. That is why I will take you through the dos and don'ts next mail.
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